2012 Audi S8 : Photo and Reviews

If Audi hopes to achieve their desired plans of becoming a major player in the US, in the S-Class and 7-Series market, then an aggressive, non boring, non repetitive look is essential on the S8. Cars like the S8 should enhance the aura of the entire Audi line and not just be an A8 with a larger engine. A little dazzle at this price point is essential to market the rest of the company, with a perfect example being the RS8.
Even if the upcoming Audi S8 featured a high-performance powerplant to propel the luxury barge, the car owner or passenger would not drive it. They would prefer to discuss business, watch videos or smoke a cigar to kill time on their way to work, home or attend an business event.

Instead, hired chauffeurs would benefit the most the car has to offer, and enjoying the driving dynamics and performance altogether.

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