2011 Subaru Trezia:Reviews, Specs anfd Photo

Subaru presented to the press the new Trezia B-segment MPV born from the same design of the Toyota Verso S. This model fits in the lists Subaru with the intention to expand its user base, while not offering solutions now "classic" as a boxer engine and all-wheel drive. The heads of the Japanese decided to intervene in the project, working closely with colleagues Toyota, for greater customization of the product, beyond the simple re-badging that we had already seen on previous Subaru Justy. The Trez, it is based on the latest Subaru models, suggesting bonnet, bumper, headlights and grille, only the small differences in setup and structure of transmission and different mix of accessories and versions. A little curiosity: the name comes from the English word "treasure" treasure.

The Treza allows Subaru to propose a model for access to its range, both as a possible second car for the "Subari," both as a solution to reduce the average CO2 of the full range in price due to the characteristics of the propellers 1 , 3 1.4 petrol and diesel Euro 5. The car has been designed to offer maximum interior space compared to a length of 3.99 meters, with a wheelbase of 2.55. With 5 seats and a large vertical space, it was possible to obtain a storage well 429 liters, which can go up to 1388 broke down the rear seat. Additional space may be gained by moving the removing the bottom of the boot, thanks to the free repair kit instead of the spare wheel and the modularity is ensured by the handles on the sides of the room to break down quickly split the sofa. No compromise was made on safety: all versions have standard ABS, EBD, VDC, 7 airbags and rear Isofix attachments, with the presence of the driver's knee airbag.

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