2011 Honda Gold Wing : Photo and Review

The gold wing is an amazing bike, it really changed riding for me. being 30 years old I thought I was way too young to enjoy this bike. I was proven wrong. it handles great, its balanced well, super comfortable, looks great, has alot of power. BUT... the mpg is ridiculous. it gets the same gas mileage as my car. I've owned 2 Goldwings. My current one is a 2008, no airbag but everything else. I love it. I ride it to and from work just about everyday. I've taken long trips by myself. Driven through driving rain, wind even hail. 2 years ago I even hit a deer doing 60MPH on the Oregon coast. I didn't go down. It was like hitting the brakes hard. The deer wasn't so lucky. I get 40mpg and if I keep it at 65 I can even get 50mpg. I love my Goldwing. Can't wait to read the 2nd part of this article. Thanks for the well written article Adam!
from motousa.com

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