2011 Nissan Ellure - Los Angeles Motor Show 2010

The group Renault-Nissan in 2010 has climbed the giant Volkswagen: the Franco-Japanese alliance has sold 7,276,398 vehicles in 2010, + 19.6% more than in 2009. A result that leaves the post that obtained by the German group, "stop" to 7.14 million vehicles (excluding Scania).

A further analysis of the situation of the various brands of the group, it turns out that Renault has sold 2,625,796, 4,080,588 and 570,014 Nissan Lada (the latter recorded a +37.6%). The main market is the Chinese (like GM and VW) with 1.038 million vehicles and almost all absorbed Nissan. The workhorse of the house instead of the diamond is France with 744,549 units sold. On our domestic market in 2010, 140,777 were sold 60,820 Nissan and Renault

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