2011 Honda CR-Z coming from 160 and 200 hp versions

2011 Honda CR-Z coming from 160 and 200 hp versions
published by p.a.fina

The CRZ hybrid design it had also inspired a lotus. Then read the claimed performance of the hybrid version, which most of the myth (and many other small cars on normal sports) greeted cheerfully, a "sputazzo" there was everything in one eye. But now it becomes interesting if it costs more than a TT.
We also hope that the 1.6 feet into the new Civic. But I would have expected a 160 hp without turbo jewel in a perfect relationship 100cv/litro.
The success of the Honda CR-Z would have convinced the leaders of the Japanese firm to make two sporty versions, equipped with an engine 1.6 i-VTEC turbo version with 160 and 200 hp. This was reported by Autocar, "primed" by an anonymous informant. The hybrid coupe has indeed won the favor of the public both at home and abroad, thus legitimating the use of high performance gasoline engines that many buyers would have considered essential. These rumors follow the first few weeks of rumors concerning the future introduction of the Type-R, and seem to confirm the accuracy in the absence of official confirmation.

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