2011 Honda CBR250R Review and Specification

2011 Honda CBR250R Review and SpecificationMotorcycle.com reported that the attractively faired CBR250R looks a full-size bike. This sporty quarter-liter motorcycle resembles Honda’s VFR1200F, also sporting a mass-centralized stance. The front fairing extends down to shroud its engine bay, and a curved visor provides ample high speed wind protection, wrapping around a sporty cockpit.

Neat attention to detail is apparent in the attractive steering head region, and you get clip-ons mounted above the triple clamp. We liked the 250R’s blue backlit LCD instruments with silver trim and a compact, easily deciphered layout. An analog tachometer dominates this bay, while you also see a bold digital speedometer, in addition to odometer, trip-counter, clock, fuel and temperature readouts. Switches include all you require, while there are smart buffed-alloy levers and nice feeling palm grips, although we missed the functionality of an adjustable clutch lever.

The tank looks and feels nice thanks to perfectly sculpted knee grooves. Futuristic flank panels swoop back into a bi-color tail, split grab bars and angular brake warning light. There’s also a sharp belly pan, stubby silencer crafted from blackened stainless steel and well-defined footrests. A utility box tucks under the CBR250R’s split seats.

onda has developed a new 249cc, 4-stroke, dual-overhead-camshaft engine for the CBR250R. The liquid-cooled, single-cylinder powerplant is fuel-injected via a twin-beam, Honda PGM-FI system.

The centrifugal cast, thin-wall cylinder sits 4mm offset from the crankshaft center towards the exhaust side to reduce friction between the cylinder and molybdenum-coated piston. There’s a textured sleeve exterior for better heat dispersion, while the combustion chamber uses pentroof architecture. An iridium spark-plug is deployed in the new engine that uses four lightweight valves propped up on slender stems. The CBR250R enjoys the world’s first roller rocker arms on any DOHC engine, with tappet clearance relying on shim adjustment.2011 Honda CBR250R Review and Specification

Peak power at the crankshaft is stated to be 25.8 hp at 8500 rpm, while a maximum torque figure of close to 16.6 ft-lb at 7000 rpm is to be expected, varying from market to market.

That reads all very well on paper, but feels more fun commanded by your own enthusiastic wrist. The engine note is pleasantly gruff yet soft. Engine revs build with a willing thrum the instant you select first, open throttle and let out the well-weighted clutch. Throttle response is crisp, the CBR250R enjoying a wide, thoroughly refined powerband even novices wont hesitate to exploit. Revs rise in a smooth, purposeful rush through an adequate low end, meeting a meaty midrange and frantic top-end rush as expected from the short-stroke powerplant.

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