2011 Chevrolet Sonic: the first official image

2011 Chevrolet Sonic: the first official image

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Sonic Chevrolet

The indiscretion proves accurate but not entirely truthful. Or rather, the name change will not involve European motorists. This is because the new Chevrolet small car will be renamed Sonic only in U.S. markets, Canada and Mexico, while in the Old Continent will live up to its origins of Aveo. In communicating this little place on the Detroit manufacturer also publishes a first glimpse of its future B-segment, designed the prototype drawing obvious inspiration Aveo Concept presented at the Paris Motor Show.

According to earlier rumors, the new Chevrolet Aveo will use a 1.2 petrol engine (in the range from 70 hp and 86 hp) and 1.3 diesel 75 hp and 95 hp. Production start is scheduled for early 2011 in the establishment of Orion (Michigan, USA).

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