2011 Volkswagen working to develop a hybrid-type sports

published by p.a.fina
Nuova Volkswagen JettaThe next-generation Volkswagen Jetta will debut a brand new hybrid platform, more sophisticated and innovative compared to current solutions. "Some competitors have gained a significant advantage," says the project's technical manager Michael Hinz, "but compared to that proposed by Honda and Toyota, our technology will be unique."According to Autocar, the reconstructions of the new module can be combined with hybrid Volkswagen TSI petrol and TDI diesel, so as to favor performance or fuel consumption as a function of the car.
In particular Hinz reveals how the Hybrid is "different from the platform used by the hybrid Touareg. "The presence of an electric motor, are effective in increasing the mileage?" Asked the engineer. "Not exactly, because the extra weight compensates for the validity of the support. For this reason we decided to go the way of benefits. It 's impossible whilst ensuring high mileage and most brilliantly by using a hybrid current form. "

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