2011 New Mercedes R-Class: The next on the platform of the E-Class

Mercedes Classe R restyling

2011 New Mercedes R-Class, Rather than squeezing people with initiatives such as the Congestion Charge (which only serve to make old cars in perfect working order, though no longer new) that you decide to put the "congestion taxes" based on the size of cars.
The historic centers of Italian cities have not adapted to behemoths like the ones you see around now. Yet they are full of SUVs driven by people who use them to fetch the newspaper or take their children to school just because you "can". You start to beat these people tax rewards to those who, instead, buy compact cars, under 4 meters, much more suited to the urban fabric of our cities.Indirectly, it would be a "pleasure" to the environment. The Mercedes R-Class will have a legacy. And the next model will face major changes to the current. First of all, a substantial innovation in terms of technology: the new R-Class leaves the platform today, derived from the ML, go to the floor for more "car" of the future E-Class
The latter version of which will be based on the good fortune Grand Sports Tourer, it will be for the precision long-wheelbase variant. As revealed by AutoBild, this decision was made by a task force created in 2008 from the house, with the express purpose of studying the possible future model that will be affected by the generational change in the course of 2014.
Initially explored three alternatives: to continue the relationship with the ML technique, drastically change the route, creating a crossover based on far smaller than Class C (a kind of rival to the BMW 3 Series GT) provisionally named CLT; reinterpret the concept ofGrand Sports Tourer, but without descending segment, focusing on the platform of the future stretched Class E.
The last solution seems to have prevailed, even though initially the idea of proposing a new model based on the C-Class enjoyed a good support to the upper floors of Stuttgart. There are two reasons that led to the abandonment of this second project: ... the "reduction of scale" would be too drastic, and especially a lower end model could not provide the margins of a car's cost and greater prestige.
The next street will change the R-Class also committed to the current style: the look will be more dynamic, streamlined and in line with the style of a sports station, thanks to the roof more tapered towards the tail. Trivia: his arrival on the market for six months that precede the future E-Class model in the venture anticipates GST part of the look.
The commercial positioning should see the R-Class on future lists of about 2500 euro more than the Station Wagon. There will clearly 4Matic four-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive but still will play an increasingly important role.
As for the interior, even if one side will keep the current layout with three rows of seats (made possible

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