New Mercedes-Benz B-Class M.Y. 2012: Prices, Reviews and Specs here is another graphic reconstruction

New Mercedes-Benz B-Class M.Y. 2012: here is another graphic reconstruction

Published: Monday, July 19, 2010 by omar

Unpublished make for the new Mercedes B-Class to be held in 2012: the German mpv will be marketed for the first time in the U.S. with the objective to boost the commercial success of the current generation. The decision to export the B-Class (also Class A) in the United States was gained by analyzing sales data on the North American market for cars like the Smart Fortwo, the more parsimonious and less expensive. Sales driven by the economic crisis and the rising price of fuel.As you can see from the picture, the car has many features that we find in the second generation of the MPV in Stuttgart, starting from the style of the more angular grille and headlights, passing through the styling of the side, very similar to what we seen on the new CLS: two semi horizontal and almost parallel lines that converge towards the muscular rear wheel arches, "embraced" by a striking curved ribs. Overall an evolution than a revolution. But models of such commercial importance could not be otherwise
Mercedes-Benz Trim
Mercedes-Benz B-Class B200
$ 29,900
Mercedes-Benz B-Class B200 Turbo
$ 34,400

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