2010 2011 New Nissan Micra: only four-star Euro NCAP?

2010 2011 New Nissan Micra: only four-star Euro NCAP?

2010 2011 New Nissan Micra: only four-star Euro NCAP? posted by Fabio Sciarra
The new Nissan Micra, presented in March at the Geneva Motor Show and on sale in November, may fail to achieve five stars in EuroNCAP tests new, contrary to the result of many new models of segment B.

The new Micra, which for the first time will be accompanied by a more "whimsical" and trendy, the small crossover Juke, has slightly changed its position on the market: the new generation of utilitarianism Japan was in fact designed to be marketed with few variations on both the western markets than on developing.
This choice resulted primarily industrial shift of production facilities from Japan and Britain to factories in China, India, Mexico and Thailand to contain costs. The car will therefore have a conception based more on functionality and simplicity, and that Vincent COBE project manager of the new Micra "we want to offer safe car, but getting the five-star EuroNCAP with this model could be difficult." 2010 2011 New Nissan Micra: only four-star Euro NCAP?

COBE, commenting on the new rules conducted by the crash, so-for example-if a car does not offer ESP as standard on most of its versions is automatically excluded from the highest score, he said: "We pronounce yet officially on the result that we wait. For now we say that getting the three stars would not be able to compete successfully with the competition. "

The previous Micra, currently at the end of his business career, he won four EuroNCAP stars. Nissan's manager, facing the real risk of not improving, he still expressed confidence that the car "like more European customers."

"The new Micra will be definitely a product-oriented proposal for an aggressive price and will be placed at the bottom of its segment, offering the right content to lists inferori than today," he pointed COBE. Choice therefore not random, but precise. Pay?

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