Ferrari 458 Italia 2010 Michael Schumacher : Reviews and Specification

Ferrari 458 Italia,i'm objective , i'm not a Ferrari fan , but i respect the brand and i like some of their cars. but i don't like anything on this car, not one bit. and the cracks near the horrible headlights are the worst. Pininfarina was a bad choice for this car , they just can't do good looking form-follows-function cars. there were several ugly Ferrari models, but this one is by far the ugliest.
i understand why Ferrari fans like this car , but for people who don't get all wet when they hear the Ferrari name, this car just looks ugly
Just down the road from Modena, Italy where Maserati resides, the factory at Maranello is set to introduce a new a radical sports car sure to start a stampede. In Frankfurt, Ferrari will take the wraps of the highly anticipated Ferrari 458 Italia and by all accounts, it’s a stunner!Just saw the real deal live in the skin at the show- . This car is absolutely gorgeous, the curves and the proportions are pure sex! Let me tell you, I was one of the haters when I first saw the pics here but that has been completely phased out by feelings of lust. PS* it's gonna cost 300k here in the US. it will be great car no doubt.. but it's getting impractical... who's gonna need 3.4s from 0-100 for normal usage? it's getting faster at the same time more dangerous as it requires more professional skill to drive.. posers without skill will get themselves killed in such machine..
A replacement for the outgoing Ferrari F430, power comes in the form of a mid-engine 4.5-liter V8. Producing a staggering 562 horsepower and 398 lb.-ft of torque, it screams all the way to a redline of 9,000 rpm. Zero to sixty is easily attained in 3.4. And, for the first time ever in a V8 Ferrari, top speed is expected to exceed 200 miles-per-hour, (202 mph).
It is said Michael Schumacher played a significant role in the design of the new Ferrari 458 Italia. A Seven Times Formula One Champion, he understands the need to reduce weight to a minimum. As such, the new 458 Italia tips the scales at a mere 3,042 lbs.

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