Volkswagen Golf VII Hybrid 2010

2010 Volkswagen Golf VII Hybrid
2010 Volkswagen Golf VII Hybrid
2012 Volkswagen Golf VII Hybrid,The new Golf hybrid will be the most economical in its class. According to preliminary data, clean Golf VII will receive 1.5-liter diesel, which will work with several small electric motors. 2012 Volkswagen Golf VII can go only one electric with a speed of 50 km / h for 50 km.This golf 7 looks more like a 1 series at the front view and it has the back of the new ford fiesta.Lighter is better but the haldex unit, (AWD System) of the R32 made it more fun to drive, having the ability to put the power down during and exiting a corner. But now with the the 2.0T joined with AWD it will defintely be an improvement in the handling department, although the tone and power delivery of the Narrow angle V6 (VR6) will be dearly missed.Power will come from a 211bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre version of the group’s new global EA888 engine, equipped with the new valve-lift system developed by Audi.
Volkswagen is keen to make maintenance easier, and access to the turbo and oil cooler will be improved in a bid to cut servicing costs.
The VW GTI will get beefed-up looks too. It will have new bumpers front and rear, as well as different head and tail-lights. The headlights will have Audi-style LED running lights. Five-spoke 18in alloys will be standard, with 19in items on the options list.
The bad news for six-cylinder Golf fans is that there are no plans to replace the current R32 version, mainly because of EU emissions legislation.

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