FMF Factory Suzuki RM-Z450 2009 2010 Review

FMF Factory Suzuki RM-Z450 2009 2010 Review
This Suzuki RM-Z450 is modeled after the latest in a long line of Suzuki off-road racers, and started life as a project for another magazine that somehow never reached its destination – a dust collector in the Brea, Calif. warehouse. Depending on how big you are is really the thing that decides what one of the two suits you. Also what level you are at, experience and fitnes wise. To be frank if your under 85kgs and you are not racing for your country, the 250 is always going to be the better choice weather it be riding in the open or doing moto x. Your lap times will be significantly faster, you wont go home feeling like uve just survived an air crash, financially your better off not only the cost of buying it but also in the long term maintaining it. Id go the 250
FMF Factory Suzuki Off-Road has amassed 21 championships in various disciplines since forming the team in 1992. Now don’t get confused here, but you’ll notice some Charlie Mullins numbers – that was just for a photo project Suzuki was doing - but the bike is technically a Strang replica. The only differences are suspension internals which are designed for the larger Strang. Actually, there’s very little different aside from suspension on all the FMF Factory Suzuki race bikes, even from West Coast to East Coast. RG3 handles the individual suspension needs of each racer so guys racing the WORCS series typically have stiffer setups than the GNCC fellas. We ran into Jonathan Davis at the western ISDE national qualifier and probably could have swapped numbers with him in the impound area without ever being discovered. Davis raced his machine to third in the E2 class and a spot on Team USA at the Six Days in Portugal. Boasting championship-winning technology, the Suzuki fuel-injected RM-Z450 offers exceptional performance across the powerband - complemented by advanced chassis and suspension systems for unrivaled versatility on a variety of tracks.
Incredibly crisp throttle response, thanks to its Suzuki fuel injection system with a fuel pump enclosed inside a factory aluminum fuel tank to provide optimum fuel pressure.
Liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine with dual overhead camshafts operating four titanium valves is compact, powerful and lightweight for smooth, controllable power delivery.
Smooth suspension performance and crisp handling provided by fully adjustable inverted, twin-chamber 47mm cartridge-type Showa front forks and fully adjustable Showa 50mm piggyback-reservoir shock Race-inspired front (250mm) and rear (240mm) disc rotors offer excellent cooling efficiency for outstanding stopping power and outstanding performance in muddy conditions.
Available in Champion Yellow

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