2009 Genuine Rattler 110 Review

The Genuine Rattler 110 offers a different option for scooter buyers with its 110cc air-cooled 2-stroke engine.
The cramped riding position of the genuine scooter doesn't leave much room between the knees and handlebar for taller riders (top). In tight turns the bar would hit the knees, unless a rider came up with different options (bottom).
The front wave rotor does all the heavy lifting in a lackluster braking package; At 32 inches, the Rattler seat height is actually on the high side for a scooter; Getting the Rattler key into the rear gas cap is tricky; The digital display is small but shows useful info.
The Rattler works fine as a short-distance commuter or around-town errand runner... Though we don't advise riding to the tavern.Some of us own multiple bikes, and LIKE to power down for quick commutes or easy wrenching hobbies. Nice power for a 2T if I may add. If your tall, DON'T BUY A RATTLER. Plain and simple. That part was great to add in the review. I have friends that have HDs that 'chuckle' at my Rattler, but they'd rather see me on that than a Vespa. So would I. Attacking or giving an opinion on the ride is fine. Keep your dim-witted comments to yourself.

Engine Type: 110cc 2-Stroke
Transmission: CVT
Cooling: Air
Curb Weight: 216 lbs
Seat Height: 32"
Fuel Capacity: 1.8 gallons
Top Speed: 55+ mph
Front Tire: 120/90-10"
Rear Tire: 130/90-10"
Brakes Front: Disc Brake, 2-piston caliper
Brakes Rear: Drum Brake
Overall Length: 65 in.
Overall Width: 31 in.
Overall Wheelbase: 46 in.
Claimed Carrying Capacity: 240 lbs
Colors: Red/Black, Silver/Black
MSRP: $2,699
Genuine Rattler 110 Highs & Lows
The 110cc 2-stroke delivers snappy personality
70 mpg fuel efficiency
Competitive MSRP for unique US ride
Cramped riding position for large riders
2-stroke power underwhelming
Poor rear brake

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