New Scooter Yamaha TMAX 2009 , Zuma 125 First Look

Just wondering if Yamaha has any plans on exporting to America their 125cc Majesty which is an absolute best seller on European market at around 3000 euros????? It would be a big upgrade from the little Vino...The all-new TMAX comes with a $7,999 MSRP for Yamaha Blue, with a Cadmium Yellow scheme fetching another C-note. Tuning fork literature promises availability beginning in July of 2008.Shadowing the TMAX debut is the single-cylinder Majesty. At 395cc, the Majesty looks like a blander version of the flashy TMAX, minus a disc from the larger scooter's braking configuration and with more conservative styling. The Majesty also has smaller wheels. It still pushes the performance envelope for a scooter, however, and is freeway capable. It also edges the TMAX in fuel efficiency at 50 mph, not to mention a $1900 smaller asking price

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