New Scooter Genuine Buddy Black Jack 2009 2010 Review

New Scooter Genuine Buddy Black Jack 2009 2010 , The stylish Buddy Black Jack delivers some small-displacement pop from its air-cooled 150cc 4-stroke Single.
Smitty - Buuddy Black Jack May 8, 2009 12:02 PM
Starting to look like a scooter, to my way of thinking, & not trying to look like a Cruiser. Tack on NO saddle room for a pillion rider. Mind you the red wheel rims along with the white walled tyres have to be changed to something sensible, like a break in contrast of the ABS body paint finish. One has to wonder where they obtain replacement white walled tyres!!!!! Basically a real scooter if for in & around town, but not for weekly grocery shopping as that is left to one's cage. So my helmet would not fit under the scooter ABS plastic, but then I am accustom to carrying said helmet under one arm when riding m/cs. The 50cc will go over in Cdn since those without a DR or Riders License to ride m/cs CAN ride a 49cc scooter. Not the 200cc four stroke, but with 200+ lbs of the tester, then possibly some of the steep hills in this Okanagan Valley of where part of the cities or towns are sort of on the side of a mountain. THAT requires the power to climb said hills to home or business part of the town or college or such FOR the 50cc is guttless of claimed power. Though I would have to ride a scooter myself & test it mainly on the steep climbs to so many part of the small town or city before I would okay it. So yes I think this scooter is moving in the correct direction of what a scooter should be like of being small, not for wife & rest of the four kids to ride pillion. Think of a scooter that replaces a bicycle only NOT requiring the pedal power with a power-plant.

Good performance for 150cc scooter.
Prima exhaust delivers surprising personality.
One of more stylish scooter options available.
Small ergos unrealistic for larger riders.
Useless rear brake.
Small 10-inch tires not as stable as some competitors
Engine: 150cc 4-stroke Single
Transmission: Automatic (CVT)
Cooling: Air
Claimed Dry Weight: 223 lbs
Seat Height: 29 inch
Fuel Capacity: 1.8 gallons
Claimed Top Speed: 60+mph
Front Tire: 3.5" X 10" White Wall
Rear Tire: 3.5" X 10" White Wall
Front Brakes: NCY Big Brake Kit Front Disc
Rear Brakes: Drum
Length: 62 inch
Width: 26 inch
Wheelbase: 48 inch
Carrying Capacity: 320 lbs
Color: Flat Black/Red
MSRP: $3499
Warranty: Two-year unlimited mile, with two-year roadside assistance

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