Suzuki SX4 Sport 2009 : Reviews and Specification

At the heart of the SX4 Sport is a 2.0-liter, 143-horsepower twin-camshaft engine. The four-banger supplies plenty of underhood verve for road-going entertainment. The horsepower is a refreshing alternative to the typically gutless world of the underpowered economy class. The SX4 Sport engine features a variable induction system that delivers a throaty growl into the cabin to provide sonic amusement, but not so much that it becomes tiresome over the long haul. The two camshafts are chain driven for added durability over belt-spun versions.

The SX4 comes with choice of a five-speed manual transmission a four-speed automatic. The SX4 Sport automatic transmission is crisper than the usual swishy and indecisive automatic slushbox expected in an economy car special. The automatic is tuned to shift decisively all by itself, and also comes with a manual gear selection feature for freedom of choice in gears in an automatic world. A gear up or down can be had with a few left to right snicks of the shift lever.

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