New Hyundai Starex Van 2009 2010 : Reviews and Specification

This van was never tested with Euro NCAP. But I see from Hyundai’s Euro NCAP results, most of their vehicles have 4 stars.

I’m bringing this up because the Exora ad in today’s newspaper has one part saying “Designed to achieve 4 stars under the Euro NCAP”.
Why are they mentioning that? It’s like saying “We don’t want to aim for 5 stars, 4 is good enough”

Biggest peeve I have with the Starex is the 2-point lap belts in all rear seats. Overseas, 3-point belts are available but the product planning guys at Hyumal are such misers when it comes to the things that matter.

If you have a family, why make it near impossible to secure a child seat to your rear seats?
good for hotels and coorporate buyers…otherwise who on earth got such a big family….bt nice engine…i always thout mpvs should always have diesels,its makes so much sence

The 2.2 tonne Starex also passed my self-coined uphill-sprint-test with flying colour, lugging the same full load of passengers. That’s the beauty of near-400Nm of turbodiesel torque working with you, for you, via the 5-speed auto ‘box. Interestingly, I have managed to clock about 580km to the tankful of 75litres of diesel, for what is mostly highway blasts at ‘high’ speed, with some urban driving thrown in.

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