BMW G650GS 2009 First Ride

I wasn't mentioned that the G650 GS lost a half gallon of fuel capacity in the update. Overall I am a bit disappointed that there is very little updated here besides the China made engine. Suspension and weight have long been the Achilles heal of the F/G 50GS. I would have thought sourcing some of the suspension updates from the other G models would have been appreciated. Overall this model has always been a much more practical model than the other G650s and I am not surprised that the Xmoto and Xchallenge have disappeared from the line up. Now if BMW would just change the name of the 650/800 twins to an honest F800 GS and F800 GS Adventure respectively.The motor feels pretty standard in its role as a competent 650 Single. Without having other bikes on hand for a direct comparison, I’d say that the Beemer mill is slightly stronger than the unofficial class king, Kawasaki’s KLR650. Vibration levels are the usual with few transferred through the seat, and most felt in the weighted handlebar. BMW engineers are on site at the Chinese manufacturing facility to ensure quality control on what is essentially the same Rotax-designed, fuel-injected, DOHC motor as found in the G 650 Xchallenge. With 53 claimed horsepower at 7000 rpm, (you’re in the red zone at 7500) most of the ride was spent within 2K of redline. Wringing the 650’s neck brings a smile, but not necessarily a big surge of power. The best power is definitely mid- to top-end, but typical use, especially in the city, will likely be less high-strung. The G650 BMW uses gearing to give the motor some life off the bottom. A low first gear makes launching easy, but runs out quickly. We didn’t prefer second-gear starts, but still found the 650GS quicker off the line than our metal-encased neighbors.

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