Toyota Blade Master-G 2009

Toyota Blade Master-G 2009 The Master-G proves pretty entertaining, as you might expect thanks to its big-engined formula and 276bhp and 254lb ft.
This 3456 cc V6 unit (lifted from the Lexus IS350) delivers the kind of instant power, zest and tractability the regular 2.4-litre Blade (another Japan-only product) and Auris can only dream of.
Refinement, too, for the V6 is creamily smooth all the way to the 6400rpm red line and with a wide power band, the Master-G really does just pick up and go, although the throttle response could be sharper. It sounds just the job, too.
A slick, quick-shifting six-speed auto with steering wheel paddle shifts is also part of the extensive spec list.
The cabin is big, roomy and high quality and while, on paper, the Master-G seems a Japanese version of the VW Golf R32, the reality is rather different.

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