New KIA Sorento 2009 2010 : Number 3 Rank SUV 2009

Reviews and Specification
The KIA Sorento 2009 2010 delivers good value with its strong towing capacity and excellent safety ratings. However, in comparison to its class, it falls short on fuel economy and ride quality. Yippy! The taillights look like the old Lincoln Navigator. And with all that stuff on the front, it could be a Pontiac Torrent. So is this the rumored unibody, FWD Sorento? A question for everyone outside of the USA: Is there any laws in your location that require yellow/ “amber” colored turn indicators on the rear of the vehicle? And also, do you have to have those indicators on the side, like on the fender by the front wheel, or integrated into the mirrors (Mercedes I think started that trend)? Just curious. That’s my one beef with the 2006.5 Optima- the taillights not having a proper signal, instead using the brake lights as their indicators.
For 2009, the Sorento gets a revised exterior with a new front grille and sixteen-inch wheels for the EX model. Keyless entry and front active headrests are new standard features. "There are a lot of good SUVs on the market, but few that you'd call a bargain," says U.S. News' Rick Newman. "This is one." Despite a powerful engine and long warranty protection, as well as its very affordable sticker price, most reviewers feel that a rough ride detracts from the Sorento's appeal. For a smoother ride, consider the Toyota RAV4 or Honda CR-V.
The Sorento comes in two trims, LX and EX, with a choice of two four-wheel-drive systems.

Acceleration and Power
The base Sorento comes with a 3.3-liter 242-horsepower V6 engine, while the EX gets a more powerful 3.8-liter 262-horsepower V6. This boosts the Sorento's towing capacity from 3,500 to 5,000 pounds. While acceleration from both powertrains is a plus, fuel economy is a downside. According to the EPA, 2WD models achieve 16/22 mpg city/highway with the 3.3-liter engine and 15/21 with the 3.8-liter.

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