New Toyota Siena 2009 : Long Trip Report

New Toyota Siena 2009

New Toyota Siena 2009
New Toyota Siena 2009, New 2009' with ~300 mi. Trip from San Fransisco area to Puget Sound area in Washington and return. 5 days of local driving in Puget Sound area. About 1,500 miles highway and 228 miles in town. 1728.1 total miles using 63.9 gallons for an average of 27.04 mpg. Wow, very surprised and pleased. Prior vehicle a 1999' Sienna and it would do 23+ on similar trip. The 09' is significantly more powerfull.This trip involved several mountain passes and speeds of 70-75 mph on the highway most of the time. We left it on cruise control over the passes and it shifted down two gears at times.The load was 2 people with gear one way, and 3 people with gear the other.The OD was checked at speedo checks.
Standard Engine:
3.5L V6, 24 valve, 266 hp @ 6200 rpm
5 speed automatic transmission
16 mpg city / 21 mpg hwy
Green Rating: 53
High mileage, quiet, turning circle, fast, standard equipment, Great on fuel and can sure tell the difference when I drive the truck.
Cons:Major problem with wheel allignment!! too sensitive.
by DaleG from Dublin, CA

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