New Skoda Yeti 2009 : Reviews and Specs

The concept car instruments and air vents remain, but the new Yeti has an interior closer to reality thanks to a more normal gear lever. It also incorporates a new removable stereo system with integrated speakers; not the sort you take with you for fear of a low life breaking in and taking, but the type you use to blast out Nine Inch Nails (or whatever the kids are listening to now...) while hanging out at the skate park. Now you understand the target market.
Keeping the kids happy is a practical flat pick-up rear area to stash mountain bikes and the like. To add to the fun factor, the new Yeti features a multi-mode roof. The hard panel above the front seats can be removed; the rear roof section is canvas and can be rolled down or removed completely and stored between the rear seats. All four side windows slide out of view too, giving the car a full convertible feel if required, with the appearance of a sporty pick-up thanks to the B-pillars and roof section forming to create a large roll hoop.

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