Audi Q4 2011: Reviews and Specs

2011 Audi Q4 Eksterior Specification
Overall the body has a great shape, very athletic well proportioned. And for once it doesn't appear behind in evolution. The Q4 is Audi’s new compact luxury 6-passenger SUV that joins the Audi lineup alongside the full-size Q7. A sporty, compact SUV, the Q5 features a wide stance, bold fender flares and available 20-inch wheels. The clamshell cargo hatch is similar to the styling of the larger Q7, providing a wide opening for easy loading but only needing a small space behind the vehicle to raise the hatch. Split taillights, like those on the Q7, leave lights visible even with the hatch open. Inside is a large cargo area that can be expanded by either sliding the rear seats forward or folding them flat. Audi is expected to announce a clean-diesel TDI version at a later time.
It has more curves than an Audi which is a good thing. The shoulderline is built-out in a way that distinguishes the design. Definately needs a few strategic nips and cuts to make it more taut. Also the rear has cheap looking tail lights and the rear bumper looks like it came off a nissan maxima. I'd take the little curve off the top of trunk to make the car more solid. The front bumper looks dated and chunky like 1999.
But it actually looks it's part, like a small luxury car. If built I would buy this over a C-Class or 3 Series if the ride were great and the doors closed solid. Taking on Mercedes' popular R-Class, this Audi seats 6 passengers, with captain's seating in the first 2 rows.
2011 Audi Q4 2011 Engine
Upon introduction, the Q4 is equipped with a standard 3.2-liter, V6, 260-horsepower engine that achieves 19-mpg in the city and 24-mpg on the highway. A 6-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard.
2011 Audi Q4 2011 Price
Also carries distinctive new styling and comes in hybrid mode. It's also priced just cheaper than an R500 at $41,400.

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