New Peugeout 407 2008 2009 : Reviews and Spec

Machine 2.0 litre of HDI 140 by 6-speed manual which producing 140hp, or 4hp is better the than old machine. Other excess its fuel consumption lower that is 5.7 liter / 100 km and emission of CO2 reduced to become 150g / km. Machine which have comply with Euro5 to come. Pass this machine Peugeot showing him to reach best environmental peforma. Technological Serangkain adopted by this new machine. Like diesel of particulate filter become standard fitur in all machine of HDI. This Filter secretory soot mengeliminir from tip of knalpot. diesel of Particulate filter also application at machine 1.6 litre 110hp. its Two diesel engine of him 170hp and immanent V6 also. All diesel engine of Peugeot the made after year 1998 have disertifikasi can use mixture of biodiesel till 30%. Peugeot also offer new machine 2.0 litre of Bioflex which can consume E85.

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