2009 new 125i Coupe : Reviews and Specs

Perhaps the 125i Coupe is BMW’s way of tilting at a new demographic: those younger entry-level professionals who can’t yet make the leap into a 3-Series coupe, but can’t come at the (honestly) less-than-tempting 1-Series hatchback. The ‘50s bus-shaped’ hatch has never really looked like a sporting drive, even with ‘the good donk’.On these roads you find yourself pushing harder and harder looking for its limits. This car can make a ham-fisted steerer look half alright (believe me, I know someone like that). The 125i Coupe’s turn in at speed is little short of breathtaking (until you remember the last time you drove a performance BMW), and the willing throttle response from the luscious 160kW 2996cc naturally aspirated six invites power-on driving. Producing 270Nm, it’s not over-endowed with ergs, but in this car, it’s all about balance. The handling, power, and precision at the wheel, seems perfectly matched.

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