The 2009 Chevy Silverado Two-Mode Hybrid : Reviews and Specs

The 2009 Chevy Silverado Two-Mode Hybrid (scheduled to begin production late 2008, with limited availability) is expected to provide the same dependability, power and performance you demand in a Chevy Truck. Plus, it's expected to feature cutting edge technology to help you through the rigors of your everyday life while being conscious of the environment. In the first mode, at low speed and light load, the vehicle can operate in three ways: electric power, engine power, or in any combination of electric and engine power. When operating with electric power, it provides all the efficiency of a full hybrid system. The second mode is used primarily at highway speeds to optimize efficiency. It provides electric assist in addition to four-cylinder or full eight-cylinder power when conditions demand it, such as trailer towing and climbing steep grades. Put another way, you'll experience the benefit of excellent efficiency while also having access to plenty of horsepower and torque. In either mode, it's a truck that works in the real world when being driven by real people and is one of the many ways Chevy is working to produce a variety of fuel solutions.

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