2009 Audi R8 Coupe quattro : Reviews and Technical Specs

This is a great car but it needs to go on a diet of at least 150 kg. This would get the attention of the Germay manufactors. As it is this car weights more than a nascar lunchbox racer.With current technology quattro could have easly brought this vehicle in at a respectiful wt.Apperance and comfort are top shelf for Audi, fit and finish are as good as it gets. There are no new advancements in tehnology that says $120k is a grest deal only a nitch thats needed to be filled. An old school LS2 powered V8 Roadsters Miata will give you a wider grin that will last longer and about $80k plus for another toy.Not much else to say Car is Excellent and I have had no problems and never in shop in 7 Months-- it did take a will to get use to the transmission, first paddle shifter use to Clutch on floor.
Enjoy driving as much as my Porsche - Has good fuel economy for this type of car- Great look getter
Doors to long for parking spaces - lack of storage space inside and baggage area

Standard Engine
4.2L V8Standard Transmission
6 Speed ManualCylinders
8Horsepower @ RPM
420@7800Torque @ RPM
317@4500 (foot-lbs)

MSRP: $114,200 Estimated Market Price: $115,297 Invoice: $106,206

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