Grand Cherokee Jeep 2009 :The TRUE ultimate driving machine

 Grand Cherokee Jeep 2009 :The TRUE ultimate driving machine This is powerfull car from Jepp. With GPS Navigation Aid With 6.5-In, we can know where our position. The electronical system with Touch Screen and include Voice Activation . For pleasure we can turn on MyGIG(R) AM/FM Radio With 276-Watts, Boston Acoustics Sound System and 6 Speakers Total; CD Player; MP3 Player; Sirius(R) Satellite Radio (Includes 1 Year Of Service, Unavailable In Hawaii). The safety for the driver in in speed driving, the car is add with 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes .

In the Engine is use 4.7L V8, 16 valve, that can resulting about 305 hp in the 5650 rpm. With 5 speed automatic transmission we can reach 14 mpg city / 19 mpg hwy . This vehicle is like taking the very best features of an S-class Mercedes, a military Hummer, and combining the two. As luxurious as it gets while unparalled off-road performance. Some complain about the size; this vehicle wasn't designed to haul rug rats....if you want a 3rd row buy an LR-3, or better yet, a Mini-Van. , so if your concern is MPG, then you probably can't afford the vehicle to start with car.The ultimate in luxury inside/out, awesome off-road capability. Athletic handling, famous grip, and unmistakable style—the grand cherokke 2009 Sport is unlike any other vehicle in its class. Experience it for yourself. The design is peppered with interesting and practical ideas. The doors are a two-piece type: the upper half hinging up and forwards, while the lower half drops to provide a step to the cabin. The doors are electrically powered. The two-piece tailgate is electric, the upper half lifting and the lower dropping behind the bumper to give optimized access into the loadspace. Floor compartments rise and lower electrically for improved additional stowage.  Grand Cherokee Jeep 2009 :The TRUE ultimate driving machineFitted leather "his and her" bags are also neatly incorporated into the side walls.
Headlamps feature "crushed ice" glass lenses and throw out an excellent light spread from the Bi-Xenon bulbs. These diamond-like lights also swivel with the steering wheel to help the car "see" around corners. Side-mounted LEDs also illuminate at appropriate steering-wheel angles, further improving the driver's ability to see where the car is heading.
The design lines of the interior are very structural— simple rather than ornate. The dash and center console flow around the occupants, to deliver a sporty cockpit. Yet there is still the traditional "Command Driving" position, a result of the big glass area and comparatively high driver seat.
The interior features four distinctive individual seats. Their radical design is inspired by the concept of the Möbius strip, the deep brown saddle-leather facings being cut from a single hide.

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