As the junior of a family rich with a great sporting heritage, the next generation Colt gets closer to its sharp Lancer siblings introducing an exterior design thoroughly refreshed by Mitsubishi Design Europe, the studio that first created the well-received previous generation Colt.Trading the MPV-like high stance of its predecessor for a lower and wider attitude, it first strikes with the adoption of a rather in-your-face full "Jet Fighter" grille together with all-new body panels fore the A-pillar. Notwithstanding, the shift to this bold – but consistent – new visual identity is very neatly blended in Colt`s overall design concept. Same goes for the muscular contours of the front fenders and the complementing "samourai-like" new headlamps, all inspired by the new Lancer and all contributing to a stronger on-road presence, but also to an improved level of pedestrian safety.The side view offers a more elongated window line thanks to black sash foils applied on the C- and D-pillars (D-pillar only for 5-door body) and blacked-out sills.Last but not least, a new rear end design for the 5-door body (wrap-around and slimmer back-light, lower rear combination lamps, new liftgate stamping, more elaborated bumper) adds character whilst visually lowering and widening the car considerably. Changes at the rear of the distinctive 3-door body consist essentially in a new bumper and new (dark finish) lamp housings.New wheels complement the new exterior design, including dark finish dual 5-spokes for the two Ralliart variants, reminiscent of the 2009 Lancer Ralliart`s but also of traditional Japanese sports sedan of the 60`s and 70`s starting with Mitsubishi`s own 1973 Lancer 1600 GSR

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